1933 Goudey Big League Triple Babe Ruth Uncut Sheet:

Images and descriptions on this page are based on 2004 "sports collectibles" webpages at Heritage Auction Galleries:

The 1933 Goudey Gum series of 240 was the first major gum card set of the 1930s and is the most popular and significant set of the era. This issue includes every baseball star of the day and features three cards with Babe Ruth, two with Lou Gehrig, and one with Ray Kolp. The 1933 set was produced by the Boston-based Goudey Gum manufacturer in ten sheets containing 24 cards each, which were then cut, packaged with a stick of gum, and distributed. Uncut sheets were never meant to survive as such, but were sometimes kept as a memento by a factory employee, thus providing collectors with a few examples.  They show why some cards in the set are difficult to find in high grade, due to their positioning on these sheets. For example, many cards from the set are inherently off-centered by virtue of being on the bottom edge of the sheet and some are rarely found in high grade because they are one of the corner cards, which could often sustain wear even before leaving the factory. There are few known examples of sheets in the set. The Goudey Gum Company did keep one archetype of each sheet in their files, but these examples have sustained damage to the reverses because they were taped into scrapbooks. The Triple Babe Ruth sheet is the most interesting of the ten sheets, containing five Hall of Famers and three Babe Ruth cards. The sheet measures 14.25" wide and 11.5" tall and contains four rows of six cards each.

Here are front and back views of the upper right corner of a 1933 Goudey Big League Triple Babe Ruth Uncut Sheet which was sold at Heritage Auction Galleries in September 2004 for $131,450:

As the image above shows, Babe Ruth is card No. 149, and Ray Kolp is card No. 150.

The Goudey Gum Company ("by Saul Orkin and Oliver Crowell") copyrighted each of their baseball cards.  Here is the copyright document filed with the Library of Congress on September 6, 1933
for the Ray Kolp baseball card No. 150:

* * * * * * * * * * *

This is a New Berlin, Ohio postcard from maybe around 1913.  Hand-written names on the back of the postcard list the top row as Arthur Post, Lester Deetz, Clifford McCamnous, Walter Snyder, Floyd Stover, and Calvin Stump. The bottom row shows Russell Powell, Max Nusserly, Cyril Kolp, Hugh Slhvek, and George Post.  Cyril Kolp, born in late 1895, was a distant relative of Ray Kolp, born a year earlier.

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