In Ray Kolp's first year in major league baseball, on June 19, 1921, the St. Louis Browns played the Senators in Washington D.C., and they also visited President Harding in the White House.  This impressive panoramic picture shows Ray Kolp with his teammates outside the White House:

This is a blow-up from the above photo of a rather dapper Ray Kolp with a nifty pocket hankerchief.  Ray unfashionably shows the inside of his hat and stands next to Browns Manager Lee Fohl.  On the left below is first baseman George Sisler, and on the right is Dixie Davis who pitched that day in the Browns' 2-1 win over the Senators:

This picture shows eight St. Louis Browns pitchers from 1922 with Ray Kolp kneeling in the front row right.  Standing left to right are Rasty Wright, John Overlock, Dave Danforth, and Dutch Henry;  kneeling are Dixie Davis, Urban Shocker, Bill Bayne, and Ray Kolp.

Here is the left half of a panoramic picture of St Louis Browns 1922 team with white signatures of each player ... Ray Kolp is fourth from the left:

And a less-than-clear close-up of Ray Kolp from the above photo:

In 1945 The Sporting News showed the full panoramic picture of the 1922 Browns:

This is a different panaramic view of the same 1922 Browns that appeared in the Cleveland Plain Dealer on July 30, 1922, with Ray Kolp on the far left:

This is a young Ray Kolp pictured at Chicago's barren-looking  Comiskey Park in 1922.  This picture is from a Library of Congress website showing old file photos from the Chicago Daily News:

This is the standard Conlon image most often associated with the young St. Louis Browns pitcher Ray Kolp:

Ink pen autograph for sale in early 2010 for $95 in florid script.  George Lyons was a pitcher with the St. Louis Browns in 1924 along with Ray Kolp:

Here is an image of Ray Kolp's signature on his June 5, 1917 World War I draft registration form.  Strangely, the date of birth for 
Ray Kolp listed on the form above this signature is October 1, 1893, making him one year older than the birth date shown on his gravestone. 

This is a cancelled check with Ray Kolp's signature from September 1930:

This is a similar cancelled check from July 1930:

Here is another set of autographs including Ray Kolp in blue ink and Benny Frey and four other players for the 1932 Cincinnati Reds:

And yet more Reds autographs:

Ray Kolp autograph from eBay in November 2012:

Another interesting inkpen Ray Kolp autograph from eBay in March 2019:

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