A 1958 Cincinnati directory shows Ray C. Kolp and Bertha L. Kolp living in Apartment 3 at 853 Section Road.  Near there in the mid-1960s in the Carthage section of Cincinnati, shortly after a discussion about the evolution of baseball gloves, Ray Kolp generously handed a young boy this "GoldSmith Special 188" catcher's mitt from his earlier playing days:

Here is a
n old right-handed glove with a not-too-readable, stamped facsimile signature of
Ray Kolp sold on eBay for $190 in early February 2008.  "Goldsmith" is the manufacturer's name on the pocket.  Model "G15."  "Genuine horsehide."


And this is a left-handed glove (Ray Kolp was a right hander) produced by GoldSmith for sale on eBay in February 2011 also with a facsimile Ray Kolp signature, but this signature is located on the center pocket rather than the edge:

Front and signed back of a five dollar check from ballglove maker Goldsmith Sons for "use of name:"

This is from a 1935 Goldsmith catalog listing available gloves and prices:

And yet another glove for sale on eBay in July 2011:

Ray Kolp's
away jersey from later with the Reds from Dave Grob's Uniforms and Equipment webpage:

Here is a Ray Kolp signature, along with his 1931 and 1932 catcher and triple play teammate, Casper Asbjornson!

Here is a Ray Kolp horizontal signature on a 1933 Goudey card sold at Robert Edward Auctions in 2008 along with ten autographed Goudey cards of other ballplayers.  Note the period at the end of his signature below.  This distinctive period appears in almost all known Ray Kolp signatures.


Here are two other examples (with fuzzy picture quality) of Ray Kolp's mostly-vertical autographs on 1933 Goudeys:

This is an interesting old Heilbroner Baseball Bureau card, showing various hand-written addresses and facts for Ray Kolp:

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