Ray Kolp, whose final game in the big leagues was September 21, 1934, was officially released by the Cincinnati Reds on February 12, 1935.

After the major leagues, Ray Kolp was a player for the Minneapolis Millers in the minors:

        1935 with Minneapolis Millers
        Pitcher           Games          IP            W           L           ERA
        Ray Kolp            34            196           11           9          4.27

        1936 with Minneapolis Millers
        Pitcher           Games          IP            W           L           ERA
        Ray Kolp            23            75            2            7           7.56

This is a newly-found clear photo of Ray Kolp, top row second from left, with the 1935 Minneapolis Millers:

Here is a 1930s Worch Cigar premium card showing Ray Kolp in his Millers' uniform with hands up-raised:

Here is an autographed picture of Ray Kolp in his Millers' cap:

He then played for the Syracuse Chiefs in the summer of 1937, his name appearing in NY Times' sports coverage in games against teams from Baltimore, Buffalo, and Newark.

He also played for the Mt. Airy Reds in North Carolina and finally in 1938 at the age of 43 with the Louisville Colonels in Kentucky.

Click here for full minor league stats for Ray Kolp as a player.

Ray Kolp returned to the Minneapolis Millers as a coach for the 1939-1942 seasons.  Here is Ray Kolp looking disinterested in the 1939 team photo on the far left in the front row:

Ray Kolp and the 1939 Millers autographed the sheet below to celebrate the centennial of baseball:

And here is coach Ray Kolp in the 1941 team photo fourth from the left in the front row:

This is a picture of Mrs. Bertha Willett Kolp that appeared at the top of an interview in the August 31, 1941 sports section of The Minneapolis Star.  She is the wife of Miller firstbase coach Ray Kolp.  The article discussed Ray's talkativeness, his personality, his career, his interests, and his favorite foods.  The picture shows her looking at her Ray Kolp scrapbook.

Ray Kolp was the first base coach for the Minneapolis Millers during the 1942 season.  This report in the final weeks of the season is from the August 29, 1942 issue of the Milwaukee Journal:

Whoops, those things happen.  On that note, Ray Kolp was released from the Millers December 9, 1942.

Ray Kolp was the manager of the Williamsport Grays in 1944 and 1945:

Here is a casual snapshot of Ray Kolp in his Grays uniform in back of the stands:

With new players from Cuba for his Grays team:

Manager Ray Kolp accepting a trophy on the Gray's behalf:

The Milwaukee Journal had a Ray Kolp graphic and reported on his new job in Williamsport PA in this column of June 21, 1944:

From The Gazette and Bulletin of Williamsport PA on June 29, 1944, we find Gray's manager Ray Kolp volunteering in support of war bonds:.

The July 6, 1944 edition of The Gazette and Bulletin of Williamsport reported that the "vociferous" Gray's manager Ray Kolp achieved the highest bid of $42,000 in an overall auction total of $231,000 in war bond pledges.   If anyone out there in Williamsport PA owns one of the 100 Grays-autographed baseballs awarded that night in 1944 and would be willing to share a story or picture of the ball, please contact this website by emailing  admin@raykolp.com  .      

1946 was Ray Kolp's last year in organized baseball.  That year, Ray Kolp went back to the Minneapolis Millers as the assistant coach to new Manager Zeke Bonura under owner Mike Kelley: 

The above picture is from the April 1, 1946 sports pages of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  And so ended Ray Kolp's days on the ball field.

Here is a receipt likely handed to Ray Kolp for his visit to a hospital emergency room in January 1965:

Here is a Ray Kolp signature for sale recently on ebay.  Notice the telltale period after his name.  If the date is correct, it is from about one year before his death in 1967:

 Copy of Ray Kolp's Death certificate for his death on July 29, 1967, strangely showing his Father as Earl Kolp, which is his Brother's name:

Ray Kolp's son, Dick Kolp, was born May 23, 1913 in New Berlin OH and played minor league baseball as a pitcher and first baseman for the Paducah Indians in Paducah, Kentucky, in 1939 and 1940.

After the minors, Dick Kolp played for the Silverton Aces in Cincinnati on weekends.  Here is Dick Kolp around 1940 batting, likely on a Sunday afternoon, for a semi-pro team with a jersey showing Listerman:

Here is Dick Kolp in a more formal portrait:

Here is a newspaper sports article from July 7, 1939 in the Kentucky New Era:

Click here for minor league stats for Richard "Dick" Kolp.  He died May 31, 1970 at the young age of 57 in Kentucky, close to Cincinnati.  Great-grandsons of Dick Kolp, that is great-great-grandsons of Ray Kolp, have enjoyed playing baseball in recent years in Texas. 

Ray Kolp's grave at St. Stephen Cemetery in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, Ohio:

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