Here is a baseball signed by Ray Kolp probably in 1936, his second and last year as a player with the minor league Minneapolis Millers.  His signature is the bottom one in the stack of six, barely visible.  The ball has a total of eighteen signatures of players from the 1936 Minneapolis Millers of the American Association.  A shopper bought the ball for $15 in late 2005 in a country general store
selling antiques in Clarkrange,Tennessee.

Here is a family hierloom baseball signed by Ray
Kolp, likely in the late 1920s or early 1930s when
he played for Cinncinati.   The printed signature above Ray's is John A. Heydler, the National League President from 1918 through 1934.  Regrettably it looks like someone not-to-carefully overwrote the real fading signature to make it more visible.

Here is a nice 1922 team-signed St. Louis Browns' baseball clearly showing Ray Kolp with a distinctive letter "K" near the top.  Other nearby names are H. Pruett, George Sisler, and Gene Robertson:

Here is a 1929 Reds ball:


And this a 1932 Reds ball:

Here is a 1926 St. Paul Saints team baseball showing Ray Kolp's autograph faintly, near the middle.
The R on Ray is not quite discernable in this photo due to the lighting.  Other Saints teammates, all pictured in the 1926 team photo on the Spalding Guides page, are Edw. Meade, Jule Wera, "Deeby" Foss, and Bruno Haas.

Team ball from the 1924 St. Louis Browns has Ray Kolp on the bottom:

Team ball from the 1932 Cincinnati Reds with Ray Kolp with a simpler letter "K" between Ernie Lombardi and Leo Durocher ... from Bob Richardson's website of baseball items:

Another Reds ball (thanks to our friend at ) from 1929 showing Ray Kolp in the center with Chuck Dressen and Kenneth Ash above and Pete Donohue and Marvin Gudat below:

Another Ray Kolp autograph (top center) on a 1922 St. Louis Browns team-signed ball:

Next are pictures of Babe Ruth and Ray Kolp
from Who's Who in Major League Baseball 1933
Babe Ruth is
the player on page 340, and Ray Kolp is featured on page 251.

Next are two 1922 Willard's Chocolate Baseball cards from the set of 180:  Babe Ruth on the left is card #139 and R
ay Kolp on the right is card #82:

And this is a real nice shot of Ray C. Kolp in uniform at the ballpark:

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