July 4, 1929 - After a single in the 8th‚ Cubs player Hack Wilson jumped into the Cincinnati Reds dugout to fight pitcher Ray Kolp, who Hack believed had been heckling him from the bench.  In the morning game that day, there had been a triple play, so perhaps that is why emotions were running high.  Unrest spread to the stands, and the police had to restore order.  That evening at the train station, Hack got into a fight with another Reds player Pete Donohue, saying he was demanding an apology from Kolp.  After all the players were questioned by the league president, Hack was suspended for a few days.  Hack in 1930 hit 56 homeruns and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1979.  Here are two copyrighted articles from The New York Times' archives about the July 4, 1929 attack on innocent heckler Ray Kolp:

Here is the report in a copyright July 5, 1929 article from the Chicago Daily Tribune:

And here is a philosophical recap of the Hack-Kolp fiasco from the Associated Press dated July 20, 1929 as it appeared in the sports section of The Southeast Missourian on July 29th:

A close-up of the handsome Ray Kolp is this:

And here is the picture of Ray Kolp likely used for the above newspaper feature:

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